How do I sign up my class?

Currently, STARBASE Wisconsin works with students who attend a city of Milwaukee school. Most of our students are from the Milwaukee Public Schools district and Menominee Indian School District, but we do also reserve slots for choice and charter schools in Milwaukee. If you are interested in the program and you are a teacher a Milwaukee school, please contact the program director and we will add you to our calendar or our waiting list.

What is the cost of STARBASE?

The STARBASE program is free. Schools pay for transportation to and from STARBASE and supply students with a bag lunch.

How do I get to STARBASE?

STARBASE is located at the US Army Reserve Center (USARC), 51st and Silver Spring Drive, Building 301 in Milwaukee. Please note that visitors to the facility may be required to provide identification prior to admittance to the USARC.

What are STARBASE instructors’ qualifications?

STARBASE employs a combination of licensed educators and experienced STEM professionals.

What do I need to do before STARBASE?

See the Teacher section of this website for more information.

I am accompanying the class to STARBASE, what should I be doing when I get there?

The primary role for teachers and other adults who come to STARBASE is to support and aid in student learning. Additional responsibilities include assisting with handing out materials, organizing student lunches, supervising at lunch time, and taking photos using the STARBASE camera to capture students in action throughout the week. The STARBASE instructors will walk through these responsibilities with you on your first day of attendance. Teachers and chaperones are expected to actively participate in the program and should refrain from reading, grading papers, and use of cellular and other electronics during the program sessions.

Can my child participate in STARBASE as an individual?

STARBASE is not available to individual students at this time. During summer sessions, there are opportunities for students who participate in Community Learning Centers and other neighborhood centers and youth groups to attend the program.