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Below are links to several documents that teachers will find helpful as they prepare for STARBASE, including a calendar of activities for each session, an alignment of our curriculum to national standards, and pre-academy documents to be completed. 

Please complete and return the Class Roster with requested demographic information. Each teacher is asked to send an email answering questions about the class and chaperones/teachers. You will also see Teacher Guidelines and the Student Permission slips with an attached letter to parents. Send this information via email to John Puttre, STARBASE Wisconsin Director, at . Paperwork is due 15 days in advance of your school’s schedule date of attendance. This information helps STARBASE Educators prepare our instruction and supplies to meet the needs of your students and staff.

The Class Size and Grade Level of the Students

  • How many students from your class will attend the STARBASE program?

The school must send at least 20 students. Our maximum classroom capacity is 32 students.

  • Is this class taught by one or two primary teachers?

If this visit combines two different elementary school classes, please identify the teachers by name who will be accompanying the students and the teacher’s original class sizes.

  • What are the grade levels of the youth in the class?

This program is ONLY open to fifth grade classes.

The Instructional Needs of the Class

Is the classroom monolingual or bilingual?
What are the primary and secondary languages spoken for classroom instruction?
What types of accommodations are needed for students?

Please list the accommodations along with the names of the students.

About the Teacher

Does your class have a consistent classroom teacher through this school year?

A consistent classroom teacher has provided instruction for 3 or more months between November – June of the current school year.

Will Paraprofessionals or Special Education Teachers be accompanying the primary classroom teacher? How many additional staff will be attending?

Questions regarding long-term substitute teachers:

Is this teacher a short or long term substitute teacher? If so, will the substitute teacher accompany the students to STARBASE Wisconsin?

Parent or Guardians Serving as Chaperones

How many Parent/Guardian Chaperones will come to STARBASE with your school’s visit?

Classroom space is limited to 35 seats for 3 – 4 adults including the teacher and youth (32) each day.

Teacher Training/Orientation Video – View on our YouTube channel
Please review the video about program history, academic structure, paperwork deadlines, resources, and other pertinent information to assist us and make your visit a successful experience.

STARBASE WI Standards-Based Documents and Preparation Materials include: