Learning Outcomes

Students will understand aviation physics, weather theory and navigation. Following, these students will demonstrate proficient flight skills on our Logitech flight simulators.

Success Criteria

Successful students will demonstrate their understanding of basic aviation principles by creating their own flight plan. Using everything they learned over the course students will have to plan and fly a flight on our flight simulators.


Please provide students with a snack prior to club meetings. No Meals are provided by STARBASE Instructor.


A pre and post survey is conducted to assess the learning outcome and to improve the 2.o program.

Essential Question

Knowledge – Can Students understand the physics of flight?
Practical – Can students T/O and Land using their piloting skills?

Program Description

A 10-week course introducing students to basic aviation principles, and piloting all while training on state of the art fight simulators.


The 2.0 aviators club is designed to meet two times a week for 1.5 hours, after the normal school day.

  •  Options for different start times are available for interested schools.
  •  Meeting twice a week.
  •  Total of 3 hours a week.


We can accommodate a maximum of 11 students at a time.