Youtube Videos on Innovation

1. Engineering Students must watch this YouTube “The Knack”

2. Robot Violinist: Japan shows off Great robotic innovation includes some narrated notes:

3. Air Car (2): safer environment and saves on fuel INNOVATION

4. PC PEN (1):

5. PC pen (2):

STEM Careers and Education You Tube and Articles

1. STEM Education: Preparing for the Jobs of the Future—preparing-for-the-jobs-of-the-future-.pdf

2. STEM CAREER Investigation: Engineers are Cool Be an Original Thinker: SME Education Foundation

3. STEM CAREERS Investigation: Engineering Go For It!!

4. Specifically for Girls in Engineering:

5. Engineer Your Life:

To help find college information

1. General College Information:

2. College Searches:

WE Energies: Renewable Energy Scholarship Program:

Renewable Energy Scholarship Program

Links for STEM EDUCATION (Teachers and Parents)

1. Help a Teacher: Be a Mentor!

2. NASA Education for Teachers

3. Design Process activities:

4. WE Energies: Energy education programs:

Links for STEM EDUCATION (STUDENTS and Parents)

Project Lead the Way: STEM Curriculum (parents and students)

STEM Curriculum Wisconsin STEM

These Web sites offer helpful information on preparing for admission to engineering schools.

1. The American Society for Engineering Education’s K-12 Center has a student section that features interesting profiles of engineers as well as information on what engineering careers and schools are like.

2. Try Engineering offers information about engineering careers and education, links to interactive games, and an online form through which you can send questions to engineering students and professionals.

3. The Become an Engineer section includes listings of engineering societies and of pre-college projects, contests, and summer camps.

STEM CLUBS and Contests in Wisconsin and Around the Midwest

1. Challenge Wisconsin:

Build an Energy Efficient Vehicle Marquette University’s K-12 STEM OUTREACH ACADEMIES Engineer Girl – Essay Contest

2. US FIRST Robotics:

FIRST Robotics Competition Game & Season info

3. Midwest Vex Programs (MVP): The goal of the MVP is to promote robotics education through competition.

4. Renewable Energy

UW-Stevens Point – KEEP – Renewable Energy


VEX Robotics Competition

6. eCyberMission:

Taking the science fair out of the auditorium and into cyberspace

7. NASA: Ames Research Center:

Ames Research Center

Milwaukee Wisconsin STEM Education Reports

1. State urged to push STEM learning Report says kids need help for technical careers.

State urged to push STEM learning

2. Milwaukee STEM Needs Growth: A greater emphasis on science and math gives children an edge later on when they enter the job market. But additional funding and business support are keys.

EAA – Home Page

EAA – Video Page (Love this one – Exciting!)

Rockets for Schools

Pictures and history of all Boeing Aircraft

NASA Interactive Space Station Site (Very Cool!)

Boeing – History of Flight

Space Sport Sheboygan

128th Main Page