Approximately, 200 Rocket Scientists from Illinois, New York, and Wisconsin came to Sheboygan’s Blue Harbor Resort on May 10th and 11th to launch rockets and test their original science experiments. These scientists were between 11 to 19 years old. STARBASE Wisconsin Academy is one of several local organizations that support the Rockets for Schools program.

Rockets For Schools provides an opportunity for all U.S. students in grades 6 through 12 to learn about aerospace technology, scientific experiments, and space launches. Student teams construct a rocket equipped with a powerful motor that lifts it to high altitudes. Besides constructing their rocket, students design a payload experiment to fly in their rocket. In addition, students give an oral presentation and prepare a visual display of their experiment to exhibit at the event. Learn more about Rockets for Schools – BLOCKEDrockets4schools[.]org/BLOCKED

STARBASE provided use of the STARLAB Mobile Planetarium to members of the Sheboygan Astronomical Society (SAS). Over the days, SAS members conducted ten shows with 120 youth. Randy Griffin, Vice President, “We are showing the springtime night sky basically with two purposes, one to show what the sky looks like tonight and which constellations are visible. The second, how to use something that you recognize to find other bright stars and constellations.”

STARBASE also collaborated with the Department of Wisconsin Transportation’s Bureau of Aeronautics to conduct an educational booth for the teenage scientists. Students visited the STARBASE booth to fly a Cessna -172 aircraft on a flight simulator and identify symbols on a map of Wisconsin airports. Once completed, students received a stamp in their passport to qualify for the competition’s raffle for prizes like tablets and gift cards. Wish to see the rocketry teams in action! Next year’s date is set for May 8th and 9th at the Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan! To learn more about the DoD STARBASE Academy in Wisconsin, visit or contact John Puttre, Director-STARBASE Wisconsin, via email or telephone at (414) 535-5786.