Milwaukee Fire Engine No.8

This year marks a six-year partnership with the Milwaukee Fire Department (MFD) Engine No. 8. serving as career guest speakers for the STARBASE Wisconsin Program. Annually, the firefighters speak to 9 classes or about 285 Milwaukee Public School students during the regular school year and summer school program. Students learn about Newton’s 3rd law of motion – For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, as they open the firehose nozzle and feel the force pushing them backwards as the water exists the nozzle. The students also tour the fire truck while learning about the engineering of the truck and pump and firemen demonstrate current firefighting equipment and technology.

Fifth graders get a hands-on experience when they spray water out of the firehose

During the presentation, STARBASE youth are encouraged to participate in the Fire Department’s career exploration through the Junior Fire Institute and Fire Cadet programs. The Junior Fire Institute (JFI) is open to students (ages 14-20) to join their team. The JFI meets once a month and participants are taught basic firefighting and first-aid skills. The Fire Cadet program is a 22 month training gateway to earn a position on a the Milwaukee Fire Department

(MFD). Fire Cadets are full-time civilian employees that perform various support functions while completing training to become a Milwaukee Firefighter/Paramedic. 

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STARBASE Wisconsin appreciates the hands-on career education that students receive from MFD Engine No. 8. To learn more about the DoD STARBASE Academy in Wisconsin, visit or contact John Puttre, Director-STARBASE Wisconsin, via email at or telephone at (414) 535-5786.