Eighty-two Milwaukee fifth and sixth grade youth graduated from STARBASE Wisconsin’s Summer Science and Engineering Academy. The summer academy focused on Engineering and Physics: Inside and Outside of the Earth’s Atmosphere. The summer program marks a six year partnership with Milwaukee Public Schools’ (MPS) Summer Academy. MPS Summer Academy offers academic enrichment activities in reading, science, social studies, math, and the arts during June and July to prevent summer learning loss.

Youth participated in “hands-on” experiments to test Newton’s Laws of Motion by designing aircraft and rockets that can withstand the forces of motion. Some experiments include students:

  • Building and launching solid propellant model rockets.
  • Flying single engine Cessna aircraft on laptop flight simulators.
  • Navigating and mapping with handheld Global Positioning Systems to locate missing parts of a rocket.
  • Assisting Astronauts to reassemble an electric circuit board with coordinate pairs.