Milwaukee, Wis. — May 21st was Saint John Vianney (SVJ) School’s 2021 High Interest Day. This day is an opportunity for students to participate in sessions with educational institutions to explore career or leisure topics more deeply such as aviation, karate, and veterinary science.

Eighteen, sixth graders participated in STARBASE Wisconsin’s session on aviation industry careers and flight education. Jackie Boyd presented the Four Forces of Flight and Bernoulli’s Principle (concept of lift) to SVJ students. STARBASE staff, including Kenneth Jones, Michelle Klos-Gonzalez, and Tiffany Newton, assisted students who flew Cessnas on flight simulators. Students landed their aircraft at nearby airports such as Milwaukee County’s Timmerman Airport and Capitol Drive Airport in Pewaukee. Tim Prudlow also joined the presentation to speak about flight simulation as an aviation professional and owner of the Redbird Flight Simulator at Spring City Aviation.